Saturday, October 5, 2013


I don't like Summer. I'm not one of those people who waits until it has been a two month continuous streak of 100 degree days before I exclaim my dislike for Summer. The minute a beautiful, warm Spring day turns into "it's hot outside," I am not amused. Hell, 80 degrees is too hot for me unless I can sit in the shade and am not expected to exert myself physically. I have always been this way. I may have been the only child ever who would rather sit inside than frolick around in the summer sun. It boils down to two issues: I hate to sweat and I hate to wear sunscreen. The only time I am ok with sweating is if I am doing so to burn calories. Then, I welcome it! But, if I am showered and dressed for the day and cannot step four feet from my doorway without beginning to perspire, I am miserable. And sunblock.... Don't get me wrong, it's the best invention ever. I am so fair I burn if I stand too close to the toaster, it seems. So, I buy stock in anything with SPF in it. I wear it diligently and douse my children in it. But, that sticky, stinky solution just makes me cringe! The only time I don't mind wearing sunblock is if I know I'll be swimming. Typically the over-chlorinated public pools strip the grease component out of sunscreen, leaving only a layer of protection from the sun. But, if I have to be outside for any reason other than swimming and I am wearing sunscreen, then I'm secretly annoyed at its presence on my skin. .... And annoyed at the sun in general.

My disdain for Summer was never really a problem... until I had children. Before kids, I could easily decline invitations to events in the blazing heat. "No, I will not join your softball league that plays in mid-August." The majority of social gatherings that I agreed to attend included alcohol. If I could cool down my over heated body with cold beer then great! "Yes, I would love to come to your Fourth of July BBQ and bring beer with me!" See the equation below:
Heat + Beer = A Good Time

But, now I have two children. Children who do not discriminate between playing outside in the frigid cold or sweltering heat. They want to walk to the park, ride a bike, kick a ball, or draw chalk on the hottest of hot days. They do not care if their mother is sweating or if she actually washed her hair that day. They want to be outside! Standing at the back door, begging to be let out as if our backyard is the most amazing place on Earth (I can assure you, it's not). And it's not like I can keep cool by drinking like in the past. See the equation below:
Heat + Beer + Taking Care of Kids = A Bad Time

Yes, yes, you're adorable. But, it is not nearly as fun to care for you if I've been drinking.

I have had a lot to say about the high temperatures of the past few months. I have been looking forward to Fall, cold mornings, a chill in the air, and especially Winter. So, the fact that Texas does not begin to cool down until November has not had me in the best of spirits. The boys and I were outside the other day before dinner, late afternoon. It was 90 degrees. Our back porch area was shaded enough so that we were not being beaten down by the sun. And suddenly, there was a shift inside me. I don't know what caused it, but I felt very grateful that we had this hot summer day even though it was already October.

There's something about my red-cheeked, sweet baby boy running around in a one piece outfit. 

Dirt under his nails and all over his butt. 

Eating more bubbles than he is blowing, but he is trying so hard. Both boys' hands sticky from the bubble solution and sweat. Their shirts slightly wet from the water table. 

Something about the warm sun following them as they chase a giant red ball around the backyard. Dragonflies diving and flying around their heads. I think I knew deep down it was probably one of our last days of this summer. And I was determined to saturate myself in it and memorize its details.

Just two days later, it is cold, windy, and rainy. I love it. But, mostly I love that I shed my negativity for that afternoon and ran around the yard with my boys. Sweat, sunblock, and all! This summer didn't just mark record temperatures, it was also the summer Damien learned to walk. The summer Kendan started school. The summer Craig and I turned 30. I will eventually forget how miserable the heat felt during our daily errands; but, I will always remember the highlights of this past season and that amazing day we spent blowing bubbles under the sun.