Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Starting a blog. Hmmm. There are days where I start one simple task and it takes me an hour. I start in the kitchen doing dishes. It is inevitably interrupted by Kendan trying to sit on the dishwasher door, I remind him (always in a pleasant manner) not to do that, AGAIN. He asks for milk. I pour him a sippy cup and march him out to the living room to settle in with an episode of "Mike the Knight" so he'll let me clean up the kitchen. I see several of his toys sitting on the floor, gather them, and bring them to his room. Once in Kendan's room I grab his dirty laundry basket to start a load. Might as well run upstairs and get Damien's too to make a full load. I'll make our bed while I'm up there and grab our bathroom garbage to empty, then sneak into Damien's room while he naps and get his laundry. Get back downstairs and empty the trashes into the kitchen garbage. Now it's full; I bring the trash and recycling outside to the cans. On my way back in I grab the mail. Even if I'm outside for only one second I am greeted at the front door by Kendan who is now begging to play in the smoldering heat (insert "frigid cold" depending on the season, he doesn't discriminate).
I think it was only 99 degrees this day....
I explain to him that I just need to finish getting the kitchen cleaned up so we can play. I head back to the kitchen, must replace the garbage bag, and I begin sorting the mail. Bills, junk, invitation, grocery sales ad. I start making a grocery list since the sale this week is so good (I lead an exciting life)! This forces me to dig through our pantry and fridge to see what we have and to discard what is old which makes more dishes (isn't that where I started?). I complete the grocery list and remember to start the boys' laundry. I head to the basement, start the load, and fold the hang-dry clothes from the previous day. I bring the clothes upstairs with me where I'm greeted by Kendan who is now begging to play in our disgusting basement. I explain to him that we'll play as soon as I'm done cleaning the kitchen. Head back in there just in time for Damien to wake up from his morning nap. Shoot! I don't have his frozen breast milk heated up yet or a bottle clean because that was what I was going to do once I finished the dishes! Which I started an hour ago.... See what I mean? 
Sure, he looks sweet.  But do NOT keep him waiting on his bottle.
So, putting "start a blog" on the to-do list seemed too big of a big task.... and it still does.... but, I'll try.

*Disclaimer: This may be my one and only post!*

So, why am I starting a blog and why now? I wish I had a more poetic answer for that question. Something like, "as a gift to my children", or "to discuss religious and political issues". Or, even if the reason was "because all the other moms do it". Nah.

I've come to terms with my extreme inability to document my children's lives. Filling out the baby book is a joke. IF I remember to write in it I've usually already forgotten the important dates I'm supposed to fill in! Basically, Kendan got some teeth between birth and one year and his first words were either "Guy" or "Mama". Whoops! I take pictures more often but mostly on my iPhone. I learned last October the major risk I take in doing that when I lost six months worth of Kendan's life in pictures with one phone update. *Kill me now* I recently learned a little about how to use my good camera (pathetic, I don't even know what kind of camera it is... Canon something). I've been more interested in that lately; however, my interest ends at the picture-taking level. Any editing on the computer is lost on me. 

Now, if I could just find the cord to upload these pics to the computer.
What I'm sayin' is, I highly doubt blogging will be the answer to my lack of documenting K and D's childhoods! Although, I'm sure my kids will be the main focus of my blog posts. I am a SAHM, after all.

Religious and political issues?.... Not hardly. I couldn't even come up with a paragraph about those things let alone an entire blog dedicated to them. Moving on....

And, I want to steer as far away from comparing myself to other moms as possible. That's a dangerous game. Every mom is guilt-ridden over one thing or another, myself included (Kendan once drank shampoo.... Mom of the year)! There are a lot of things a lot of other moms do better than I do (*See: documenting their children's lives); I don't need to add "blogging" to my mom guilt stock pile. Truth is, I'm inspired by all of my mom friends who blog. Not only for their writing abilities and great pictures but for the time they find to do it! Ha! If anything, other moms' blogs have kept me from blogging in the past because the time I could have spent writing was being used to fervently catch up on other people's lives!

So, again, why start now? I suppose it's more of a gift to myself (in the least selfish way possible). It's a way to organize my thoughts. Meh. "Organize" is the wrong word. Nothing in my life is organized any more. More like a way to prove I have some thoughts running through my exhausted brain! And not just feeding schedules, nap times, ounces of breast milk, proper time-out procedure, teaching toddler etiquette, grocery lists, and endless children's songs and games racing through my head all day, every day. I'm hoping to write about, you know, other thoughts too. 'Cuz I have 'em.

I'll blog again when they show up.

So, stay tuned!!