Monday, June 24, 2013


I've seen several blogs where mothers interview their child and I have always thought it was an adorable idea. I can write as much as I want in my boys' baby books (or as little as I want, whatever!) but, that's all from my perspective. I love the idea of asking Kendan questions, some simple and some more complex, and getting his in-the-moment answer. He is growing so fast and changing every day. The way he sees the world will frequently change. An interview is a great way to encapsulate how his mind works today. As he gets older we can repeat this activity and compare his answers and thought processes. Like a little timeline of the evolution of how Kendan thinks. A reminder of how quickly my baby grows and just how precious the mind of a child is. I sat down with my curious three year old while he finger painted to ask him some questions. He dipped his fingers into the green paint, cringed at how cold it was, and commented that he needed a napkin. I retrieved one for him and we were on our way. Here are some highlights from my interview with Kendan. 

Me: What is Mommy's favorite TV show? 
K: Octonauts. 
Wrong. It's not even my favorite of HIS shows. But, we were off to a good start. 

Me: What does Mommy do for fun? 
K: Go to yoga! 
He is always so hung up on my going to yoga. If I go anywhere without him he assumes it's to yoga. If he makes a pretend phone call to me it's to ask when I'll be home from yoga. Truthfully, Sunday is the only time I go when he is even awake; unless he wakes up really early on a weekday. I think the idea of mommy having anything to do outside of care for him is mind boggling.

Me: What does Mommy do with her friends? 
K: Play Batman! 
Wrong again. But, I love to think of him imagining me and my friends dressed up in masks and capes, 'flying' around the living room! 

Me: What does Daddy drink? 
K: Milk with dairy in it. Cow milk. 
He has become increasingly aware that he is allergic to dairy and often asks us if what we're offering him to eat or drink contains dairy. As if we're trying to have him consume it! We also explain to him that many of the foods we eat and drink do, in fact, contain dairy. Such as ice cream, cheese, beer.... ok maybe we stretch the truth some. Don't judge. But, that is why he specified that Daddy drinks cow milk with dairy in it. 

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up? 
K: Batman! 

Me: What makes you happy?
K: Going to the park with Elmo!! 
I laughed out loud. He was directly quoting a book we own about what makes Elmo happy. 

Me: What are you afraid of? 
K: Not tornadoes. They love to party. 
Ok, this is his dad's doing. At the beginning of this Spring, he began asking a lot of questions about tornadoes during inclement weather. I'm not even sure how he knew to be afraid of them! So, to ease his fears, Craig told him that tornadoes aren't scary and that they love to party. It definitely had an affect on him! 

Me: What is the funniest word? 
*While shimmying his shoulders back and forth, and in a silly, high-pitched voice he replied:* 
K: Buuuunny raaaabbit. 
I wish I had that on video! In a million years I would have never guessed he'd answer like that. I actually thought he would answer with "snickerdoodle". We chose that word, specifically because it was funny, as a signal to remind him to stop sucking his thumb. But, he had his own idea of what was a silly word, and even added the effects to make it so. 

Me: What is the best thing in the world? 
K: Going to baseball games! 
I melted!! I absolutely LOVE that he responded this way. Taking him to baseball games and seeing how much fun he has at them is so special to us. It's amazing to know it's special to him too! This was also the moment I realized that he understood everything I was asking him. I wasn't sure he'd get what I meant by the "best thing in the world". But, he did. 

Me: What is the worst thing in the world?
K: When I cry when my costumes get put up. 
This made me so sad but also laugh a little. Yes, when he gets in trouble a very common consequence is for his costume tub to be taken away. A tiny part of me was glad to see it has an actual effect on him; proof that it's a viable punishment. But, it made me feel terrible that it's the "worst thing in the world" to him. What have I done?! 

Me: If you had a lot of money, what would you buy? 
No surprise there. I guessed that'd be his answer well before I asked the question. He's three. He loves candy.

There were many other questions in our short interview. I will keep all of his answers safe in his baby book. But, the answers above will be kept close to my heart. He amazes me every day. Cracks me up. Says things I'm not expecting. Knows things and I don't know how he knows them. I was surprised that he understood the questions. I don't know why. He is very smart! But, I suppose I expected him to not even pay attention to me while I interviewed him. But, he got it. He gave real answers and I'm so proud of him. I cannot wait to repeat this with him in the future. To see what different responses he'll have and to witness how much he'll change, even in a short amount of time. Every time I read these answers I will laugh, and remember who Kendan was that day. 

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