Thursday, September 5, 2013


When I turned 29 last year, I thought for sure I would be excited about turning 30 years old. I wasn't going to be that person who was dreading the big 3-0. I have always loved birthdays. I'm a bit obsessive. Whenever it is someone's birthday I treat them as if they're a unicorn or something because it's so special. "It's your birthday! That's awesome!I tell them while they look at me like I must have consumed liquor for breakfast. So, there is no denying that I LOVE my own birthday. And thirty was going to be the best one yet! The anticipation leading up to my big day started out normal with butterflies when I would think about it. *I'm a child; I admit it.* But, then I started thinking about the number. 30. Thirty. No longer in my twenties. No more telling people I meet, "Oh I'm only twenty-blank years old." Nope. Now I'm thirty. And a different feeling began to settle in. I cannot pinpoint what it was; but, it wasn't excitement. Anticipation? Anxiousness? I am not sure. But, it was definitely different from the typical anticipation before my birthday. 

I began to survey my current life and realized that most of my major accomplishments occurred in my twenties. I graduated from college. I obtained my first real job. I got married. We traveled both internationally and within the U.S. We moved a lot.... to Indiana where we had Kendan. Then to Kansas City where we had Damien ...and back to Texas. Craig and I had the opportunity to travel to Europe, something I've always wanted to do. Maybe what I was feeling was "how am I going to top that?!" My twenties were a total success! Most of those major milestones will not, and cannot, be repeated in the future. I know I have many years ahead of me (God willing) with which I can surpass goals beyond my wildest dreams. But, I suppose I do not know what my "wildest dreams" are? What, if any, big adventures does my future hold? 

I had the pleasure of enjoying my 30th birthday in New Orleans. It was an entirely new experience for me having never been before. My husband did a wonderful job of surprising me with the trip, keeping me guessing up until we physically got off the plane in NOLA. "Maybe we're just connecting through New Orleans," he kept jesting. He did not miss the mark for the perfect gift. A new experience will always top a tangable present and can never be replaced. So, the introduction into the next decade of my life started out as an adventure. Perfect! But, is there anything else I plan to do? 

Not really. 
Well, at least not anything major right now. 

Five days before my 30th birthday I decided I was going to train for a 5k. "Oooh, big deal, a 5k!" I know. Using the term "train" in reference to preparing for a 5k is overkill. But, let me just explain.... a "runner", I am not. I have disliked running since high school. You know, when I was actually physically fit and could run a mile in 8 minutes, a time that now completely blows my mind. *It's insane how much you take for granted when you're younger!* I blame this decision on the unsettling feeling I had in my stomach when I would think about my upcoming birthday. Prior to "turning 30" looming over my head, I would never have dreamt of registering for a race of any kind. I would joke that I only run when I'm being chased. So, when I decided to train I feel as if something was pushing me (or I was drinking that night. Anything is possible). That was five days before 30. One day before my birthday I ran 1.66 miles without stopping, in the 95 degree Texas heat, while pushing a 50 pound double stroller. That was the first time I just didn't stop running, even when I was dying to (and I only stopped because we had reached our destination of the neighborhood pool). Again, "Ooooh, 1.66 miles... big deal." YES IT WAS. I literally did not think I could run to the end of my block. Especially not while pushing my two kids! I text messaged no less than five people to report my success. Gotta celebrate the little things, right? Or, in my case, this very big, amazing thing that I didn't even know I could do. Despite the heat, constant complaining from my children, and difficulty in finding the time to do it, I am happy to report that I am now capable of running the full 5k without stopping. I do not plan to end there though. 10k? Half marathon? Why not? Running has become something for me to "accomplish" in my thirties. Something I can conquer that I never before thought I could. 

I got a lot done in my twenties. Something to be proud of! I may not have any "big" plans in the works for my thirties; but, I am happy with the current path I am on. There are so many more experiences ahead of me. And, who knows, maybe I will even achieve my wildest dreams. Whatever they are!


  1. This is me except add 10 yrs. I will be 40 next May and I am approaching it with dread. I have already started the working out and have pledged to be in the best shape of my life by then. I've dropped 30lb since this time last year so that is good and joined the Y. I have started the 5K training and thankfully I am not trying to do it in TX heat pushing a stroller cause the treadmill is killing me enough ha!

    Mentally I know that 40s can be just as great as 30s and as 20s were. Of course I have some regret that I didn't do all of the things I'd have liked to do by now, but I keep reminding myself that there is still time.

    Congrats and Happy Birthday! 30s really can be similar to your 20s except you are a bit wiser. Just think of the places you can travel and introduce to your kids. That is what I remind myself. Now I get to see places through their eyes.

    1. Great work, Kristi!! Good luck, I am sure you'll turn 40 more fit and fabulous than ever!!

  2. You should come do a half marathon here. Perhaps the one coming right up in October?? Ok - that might be pushing it. Maybe in the spring? At least you won't have to train in the freezing cold like we do! Congrats on the running! It's kind of addicting isn't it??

    1. Totally addicting! Is there one in the spring??? I'm totally down for that!!!